Cambridge Genetics Greek PPE Project Logistics

The Customer: The Government of Greece

The Challenge: The coronavirus outbreak in Greece should have been a disaster. Italy, to its west, is one of the worst-affected countries, with over 200,000 confirmed cases and more than 23,000 deaths.  Another neighbor, Spain, has been similarly affected. Greece’s population is the second-oldest in the E.U. (only behind Italy’s).  In addition, its healthcare sector has been devastated by years of austerity. Its public healthcare system had only 560 ICU beds in the entire country of 11 million (5.2 beds per 100,000 people, vs Germany at 29.2). With its large elderly population, how did Greece manage to escape the worst ravages of the coronavirus outbreak thus far?

The Solution: One major component of Greece’s current success has been the government’s early identification of its PPE requirements for healthcare and other front-line workers.  After a thorough review process, the government chose Cambridge Genomics to supply millions of dollars-worth of PPE quickly.

The Implementation: The Greek government awarded Cambridge Genetics two contracts that included 350,000 protective coveralls, 1,150,000 protective head covers and 800,000 protective shoe/boot covers (as well as requesting a critical two-week turnaround time).  With airfreight in China in a state of flux and the added complexity of the impending arrival of China’s May Day holiday week, the Company decided that the best way to ensure the on-time delivery of the entire order was to secure the services of the one plane in the world capable of delivering the order: the Antonov 225.

The Results: The entire order was delivered on time and on budget.  The Company has been told that it is one of the only suppliers in the crisis to deliver every item competitively priced, on spec and on time.  The Company has subsequently been asked to provide additional PPE supplies to the Greek government. To date, Greece has had only 190 deaths from coronavirus.

immediate logistical solutions

Ability to provide large clients with immediate logistical solutions with the Antonov 225 Mriya cargo plane

shipping services using the Anatov 225

largest cargo Solutions

The Antonov cargo plane is the largest cargo plane in the world with a cabin measuring 143 feet and weight capacity of 550,000 pounds.

shipping services using the Anatov 225

Large Scale Delivery Solution

When necessary we can delivery large scale orders for government’s and large corporations.

shipping services using the Anatov 225