COVID Tele-ICU Solution

During times of high patient volumes, the ability to scale your healthcare workforce is crucial to the success of your Health System. Providing critical care while also limiting your healthcare staff’s exposure to infection is vital. As increasing numbers of infected patients are hospitalized, CEIBA’s Tele-ICU solution enables providers to scale care while protecting staff and patients.

The CEIBA Tele-ICU platform allows you to bring a provider into the hospital room of a patient virtually and allows them to examine a patient in real-time and to make routine visits and follow patient vitals while keeping both physicians and nurses safe from infection. This is especially important during disease outbreaks when many patients require isolation.

CEIBA allows you to:

  • Follow patients in isolation remotely in real time
  • Make virtual visits as if Clinicians were by the patient’s bedside
  • Receive actionable insights (including real-time alarms and SEPSIS alerts)
  • Take actions, collaborate between specialist and nurses all with minimum exposure to infection

Contact us to learn more about how the CEIBA Tele-ICU platform can quickly help you implement your own Telehealth Center.