Cambridge Genetics

Ari Kiirikki

Partner Head of Sales and Distribution

Cambridge Genetics was founded by life science industry veterans committed to speed the battle against 2019-nCoV. We have put together robust solutions that will provide the tools our healthcare workers need to combat COVID-19. From testing to confirm a diagnosis, PPE to protect healthcare workers and patients, or enabling ICU units to provide care to higher numbers of critically ill patients, we have solutions available now.

The Commercial Team is led by Ari Kiirikki (VP of Sales and BD). Prior to Cambridge Genetics, Ari was a Senior Sales Executive at BC Platforms, Cartagenia (Agilent Acquired) MedGenome, Knome Inc. and He may be reached at:

Rafael E. Bernal

Partner,  Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Bernal is a Wall Street veteran with over twenty years of experience in trading, portfolio management and emerging markets.